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In November of 2015, the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association awarded Technaserv Corporation with the "Residential Hispanic Business of the Year" Award at the Annual Community Builder Appreciation Dinner. Alongside other Hispanic individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the state of Georgia, Technaserv was commended for rendering its services to members of the community. 

About Us:

Gillian Perry
Gillian received her degree in Civil Engineering from the Pontifical Xaverian University in Bogotá, Colombia. During her professional career in Colombia, Gillian held several managerial titles, including National Process Manager for multinational construction and cement company, Cemex. After moving to the United States, Gillian continued her work as the CEO of Technaserv Corporation.

Our History:

Founded in 1999, Technaserv Corporation entered into the construction activity as a Real Estate investor, acquiring land and building houses for sale. This allowed for the development of the operational organization and personnel necessary for all the phases of the building process. After several years in business, the company expanded its focus from simply investing in private properties to providing residential, commercial, and institutional remodeling and rehabilitation, as well as new construction services. 

Technaserv is committed to delivering the highest quality, providing reliable service at a reasonable and convenient cost to clients, meanwhile maintaining a professional execution for every activity performed during the construction process in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Throughout the entire process, our company actively assists owners to achieve the desirable outcome, by the most appealing architectural and aesthetic design among the options present by Technaserv. The company works with the necessities, desires, and budget of the customers.

Throughout the 30+ years of the owners'  experience in the construction business, they have participated in projects concerning: rising multi-story buildings from the ground up, remodeling historic buildings in downtown Atlanta, constructing and remodeling houses, designing buildings and infrastructures, and working alongside governmental projects for societal restoration. 

Technaserv holds the DBE, LSBE, FBE, and HBE certifications, as well as an engineering EIT license and a Residential-light commercial state license.

Mauricio Ramirez
Mauricio attended the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia for his undergraduate Civil Engineering degree, which he later validated at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He completed a Master's Degree in Engineering Project Management at the Pontifical Xaverian University. While in Colombia, Mauricio gained experience through several positions, such as Construction General Manager at Ingeviviendas Ltda. and Director Engineer of Construction at CONYCON Ingenieria Ltda. At Technaserv, Mauricio currently serves as Project Director.
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