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Area: 3200 sq. ft. plus basement

Living Room and Kitchen

New Houses

Technaserv Corporation builds spec houses as well as private-owned houses. The process includes acquiring land, choosing interior and exterior architectural designs, and the entire building process.


Stone Patio and Firepit

Foote St

Ormond Building- Rehab Historic Building in Atlanta




Technaserv Corporation does interior finish and complete renovations of commercial buildings and strip malls.

Technaserv Corporation works alongside Dekalb County, City of Atlanta, Henry County, and other governmental entities to revitalize areas throughout the state by remodeling and building new projects.

Technaserv Corporation utilizes stone, pavers, concrete (colored and stamped), bricks and other materials in order to enhance yards and property.

Technaserv Corporation performs any remodeling service, from bathroom to finished basement. Common services include: bathroom, kitchen, flooring, interior and exterior paint, stairs, finishing basement, etc.

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